Regulatory Overview: Registration of Toothpaste in China

On October 21, 2021, the Chinese health authority (NMPA) has published a new regulation related to the requirements of Local testing as part of medical devices registration in China: “Regulations on the Administration of Medical Device Registration and Self-inspection”

Registration of Imported Pet food in China

If an overseas pet feed manufacturer exports pet compound feed or pet additive premix feed to China, it shall entrust an overseas enterprise’s office in China or an agency in China to apply for registration with the agricultural administrative department of the State Council and obtain an import registration certificate in accordance with the law.

Australia’s TGA regulations for cosmetics with sunscreens

In Australia, cosmetics that contain sunscreens (UV filters) are regulated by the Health Authority Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). The cosmetic can only be approved for market if it meets the legal definition of either ‘therapeutic’ or ‘cosmetic’.

Whitening Cosmetics: Regulatory Requirements in China

Freckle and whitening cosmetics are mainly used to reduce skin epidermal pigmentation or help skin whitening and whitening. New regulation have been implement to have ore over site of cosmetic products and prevent serious adverse effects.

Webinar: Brazil Cosmetic Regulatory Compliance and Importation Requirements

CL Brazil Cosmetic Regulatory compliance and Importation Requirements

GRP has teamed up with ChemLinked to bring you a webinar on Cosmetic Regulation and requirements in Brazil.  The webinar will introduce the Brazilian cosmetic market, then specify the cosmetic regulatory framework, including cosmetics registration, labeling, and advertisement, and finally outline regulatory requirements for the importation of cosmetics into Brazil

How Cosmetic companies can stay complaint online during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic has produced new obstacles for all businesses including the cosmetic industry. the pandemic has produced a shift from shopping in stores to shopping online. the online platform is new media to many businesses and with it brings its own obstacles such as regulation requirements that differ by country.