The “Regulations on the Administration of Feed and Feed Additives” and the “Administrative Measures on the Registration of Imported Feeds and Feed Additives” stipulate that foreign companies exporting feed and feed additives to China for the first time shall apply for import registration with the Ministry of Agriculture and obtain the import registration certificate of feed and feed additives.

If an overseas pet feed manufacturer exports pet compound feed or pet additive premix feed to China, it shall entrust an overseas enterprise’s office in China or an agency in China to apply for registration with the agricultural administrative department of the State Council and obtain an import registration certificate in accordance with the law.

What types of pet products need to be registered in China?

The types of products that need to apply for and obtain the “Imported Feed and Feed Additive Product Registration Certificate” include:

(1) Single feed

(2) Feed additives

(3) Additive premix feed

(4) Compound feed (including pet feed)

(5) Concentration Feed

(6) Concentrate supplements.

First Time Registration in China

For the first export to China of feed and feed additives that have not been used in China but have been approved for production and use in the place of production, in addition to the materials specified as used in China, the following materials must also be provided:

  1. “Application Form for Registration of Imported Feed and Feed Additives” 
  2. Qualification certificate of domestic agency.
  3. Local Representative business License.
  4. Power of Attorney. Issued by an overseas enterprise, signed by the person in charge, and notarized by a third-party notary institution in the place of production. 
  5. The chemical structure identification report of the effective components or the classification identification report of animals, plants and microorganisms.
  6. Product effectiveness evaluation test report and safety evaluation test report (including target animal tolerance evaluation report, toxicological safety evaluation report, metabolism and residue evaluation report, etc.) issued by the test agency; apply for import registration of feed additives, an analysis and evaluation report on the possible impact of the feed additive residues in aquaculture products on human health should also be provided.
  7. Product stability test report and environmental impact report.
  8. Where there is a maximum limit requirement in feed products, the maximum limit value and the detection method of the effective components in the feed product shall also be provided.
  9. Main references.
Note: this is not the complete list for registration. The List above only contains the most important points of registration.

Registration period

Since the registration of overseas production enterprises requires the recommendation of the competent authority of the country (region) where the enterprise is located, the two parties negotiate on issues such as inspection and quarantine, so the time required is uncontrollable.

Validity period

5 years.

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