what makes us special?


Our clients view their relationship with GRP as a partnership. When you are successful, we are successful. For over ten years, our services have provided Life Science companies’ leaders with the ability to make sound decisions based on accurate, up to date information and a 100% success track record.

Customized Strategies

Whether your organization needs a customized strategy or a standardized approach, we take pride in accurately assessing your regulatory needs and then providing the appropriate support, services, and unique solutions necessary to produce successful outcomes for your organization.

International reach

As a result of our  international expertise and our competitive and excellent approval rate, we have clearly identified what it takes to successfully secure regulatory approval for your drug products,  medical devices, cosmetics or nutraceuticals.

Benefits of Working with Us

We work with the same level of passion as that of our clients. We help them overcome regulatory hurdles and get their products to market as quickly as possible.

We handle all your regulatory, clinical, safety and quality needs so that you can focus on the science and technologies and business developments activities.

With us you:

Decades of Experience

Our team and subject matter experts have decades of experience in regulatory, clinical, quality and safety for pharmaceutical, biologics and medical device companies. They’ve served in a wide range of positions, from government regulatory affairs experts to c-level regulatory affairs professionals within major multinational companies.


Our expertise lies in strengthening medical device, pharmaceutical and biologics organizations from their products’ concept through regulatory approval. We have a team of experts rather than generalists, focusing our strengths to do a highly effective job for a very specific group of clients.

Tailored Services

Our main goal is to provide you with tailored services that meet your needs and help you overcome your specific challenges for better outcomes.


We offer flexible services. You can use our team as needed with no long term commitment. This allows you a better control of your operating costs and meet your business goals in a timely manner while using our team of professionals.


We are competitive, honest and realistic.

We always offer you the best options to meet your goals in a timely manner while staying in your budget. 

Even if you know what you need to do, sometimes you simply don’t have enough people to get it all done. When you need extra hands, think of us as your virtual regulatory compliance team. Give some or all of your work to us and we’ll get it done.

Extra Effort and Care

we care about your success

Our senior leadership is deeply involved in day-to-day activities to ensure that our clients receive excellent and tailored services that meet their needs. Because we care about your success, we are not only a service provider but we consider ourselves your partner who makes sure that you are and stay on the right path during the whole life cycle of your products.

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