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Interested in Brazil's Market?

GRP- Brazil is accredited by local authorities to act as a Brazilian Registration holder (BRH) and support your market entry and product registration in Brazil.

Please note that it is not possible for foreign companies to make administrative arrangements for issuing of pre-market approvals directly with Anvisa. Foreign companies shall have partner companies legally constituted in Brazil that will be legally responsible for the products imported to and distributed in the Brazilian territory.

GRP Brazil Office and Distribution Center is located in Minas Gerais, Uberlandia. 

GRP specializes in the Health Regulated Products for the BioPharma and BioTech registration with Anvisa. As BRH GRP is Licensed by the Local Health Authority( Anvisa) to register, import and commercialize Drugs, Medical Devices, IVDs, Food Supplements and Cosmetics. 

  • GRP supports Pharma sponsors in registration of Biologics, Biosimilars, chemical New Drugs, Generics
  • GRP Support Biotech Manufacturers in their registration of Medical Device and IVDs. 
  • GRP supports the regulated consumer health products such as Food Supplements, Cosmetics and OTC. 

Please contact us using the inqury button below to process your request. 

Yes, GRP is licensed and has experience in the submission of the DIFA to anvisa and act as your responsible party.

When Sponsors are ready to submit their NDA to Anvisa, GRP-Brazil can coordinate to submit the CADIFA for the parallel Anvisa review.

Please note, DIFA must be submitted ahead of time to be ready for the NDA and CADIFA submission. 

Yes, as BRH GRP services the pharmacovigilance monitoring in Brazilian Territory.

Por favor, envie-nos o seu problema de segurança para :

ou ligue-nos para 34 3238-3168

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Brazil Office: + 55 34 3238-3168
Head Quarters: (+1 ) 781- 672-4200

CNPJ: 29.190.430/0001-03