In China,  Children’s cosmetics refer to cosmetics that are suitable for children under 12 years old  and have the functions of cleaning, moisturizing, body conditioning, sun protection and etc.

The labeling statement “applicable to the entire population” or “used by the whole family”  imply the product is applicable to children’s cosmetics as well. 

Classification of Children's cosmetics:

On May 1st, 2021 the  cosmetic classification rules and categories were implemented.   Cosmetics for children’s use  can be divided into infants  (0~3)and children(3~12) . Each age group division  will have efficacy claims  corresponding to their specific group. 

It is important to note that common claims such as repair and nourishment are not within the scope of the efficacy claims of infant products .

Upcoming Regulation Updates:

Regulation Date of Implementation
Implementation of Regulations on Supervision and Administration of Children's Cosmetics Jan 1st 2022
Cosmetics applying for registration or filing must be labelled in accordance with the new regulations May 1st 2022
For children’s cosmetics that have been applied for registration or filing before May 1, 2022, if they are not labeled in accordance with the new regulations, the cosmetic registrant and filing person shall complete the product label update required by the new regulations before May 1, 2022 Before May 21st 2023

Safety requirements for children's cosmetics

Children’s cosmetics should be evaluated for product safety through safety assessments and necessary toxicological tests. That is, there is no way to exempt animal testing during the pre-marketing registration process of children’s cosmetics. When the cosmetics registrant and recorder conduct safety assessments of children’s cosmetics, they shall consider the physiological characteristics of the children in the aspects of hazard identification and exposure calculation.

stricter standards than Adults

To encourage cosmetics registrants and record holders to formulate product implementation standards for children’s cosmetics that are stricter than mandatory national standards and technical specifications.

Formulators should follows standards according to ” cosmetic safety technical specifications ” (2015 edition). An example of one such stricter requirement is the total number of colonies limit children’s cosmetics requirements ≤ 500 CFU / G or CFU / ml, compared to that of adult products ≤ 10 00 CFU / G or CFU / ml.

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