Brazil’s Anvisa Classification of Personal Hygiene Products, Cosmetics & Perfumes


Personal care products, cosmetics, and perfumes are defined as preparations made with natural or synthetic substances, to be used externally on the various parts of the human body. The classification of cosmetic products is in two groups: grade 1 products and grade 2 products.


Anvisa explains that the criteria for the classification of personal hygiene products, cosmetics, and perfumes were defined in function of the probability of occurrence of unwanted effects due to the inadequate use of the product, its formulation, purpose of use, areas of the body to which they are intended, and care to be observed during use.

Product Characteristics Grade I and II

Grade I

These are products that are characterized as having basic or elementary properties, the proof of which is not initially required. Thus, these products are exempt from issuing detailed information as to their mode and their restrictions of use, due to their intrinsic characteristics.

Some examples of grade 1 products:

  • Cream, lotion, gel and oils for the legs (with the sole purpose of moisturizing and/or refreshing)
  • Body deodorant (except the ones with antiperspirant action)
  • Shampoo and conditioner (except the ones with anti-dandruff action and/or other specific benefits that justify previous proof)
  • Face and/or body soap (except the ones with antiseptic or chemical exfoliating action)
  • Shaving products (except the ones with antiseptic action)
  • Cologne water
Grade II:

These are products that have specific indications, whose characteristics require proof of safety and/or efficacy, as well as information and care, mode and restrictions of use.

Some examples of grade II products:

  • Children’s products
  • Intimate use products (e.g., soap and deodorant)
  • Anti-dandruff and/or anti-fall shampoo or conditioner
  • Product for acneic skin
  • Anti-wrinkle product
  • Anti-stretch marks and anti-cellulite product
  • Sunscreen

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