Nutraceuticals/Food supplements


The global Nutraceuticals and Dietary supplements markets are a rapidly growing due to the changing of people lifestyle, rising health concerns of consumers and growing awareness regarding the consumption of healthy foods.

Nutraceutical Market:

The market has witnessed an increased focus on the ingredients used for manufacturing nutraceuticals. The demand for natural products is expected to grow at a rapid pace over the next eight years as consumers perceive these products to be healthier and more effective as compared to synthetic products.

The global nutraceutical market is categorized into types such as Functional Foods, functional beverages and dietary supplements. The nutraceutical regulation also differs by region and by country.

Nutraceutical Definition:

Nutraceuticals is a broad term that can include food, food derivatives or food products, usually, in extract form, that reportedly provide health or medical benefits, such as prevention or treatment of a disease. 

GRP Nutraceutical Services:

GRP has a team of experts who helps nutraceutical and dietary supplements companies worldwide to register and commercialize their products in compliance with local regulatory requirements in terms of labeling , packaging, nutrient content claims and health claims.

Authorized Local Agent

Global regulatory Partners, Inc. (GRP) has local offices and strategic partners worldwide that are licensed by local authorities to act as your local agent and can help you register and commercialize your Nutraceuticals and Food Supplements in different markets.

Regulatory Intelligence

Regulatory Intelligence (RI) is an essential tool for regulatory professionals. RI allows professionals to develop the most appropriate regulatory strategy for a successful, efficient, and cost- effective product development, registration, and commercialization.

GRP’s Tailored RI Services:

At Global Regulatory Partners Inc., a team of professionals can provide you with tailored Regulatory Intelligence that includes the latest regulatory information and recommendations for the commercialization of your Nutraceuticals in different markets.


Regulatory Affairs

GRP provides a full regulatory affairs service from product concept throughout product development till product registration. Our regulatory affairs services include regulatory intelligence, regulatory strategy, product registration, product formulation and labeling review:

GRP Nutraceutical Regulatory Services:

Regulatory Strategy

Developing the right regulatory strategy for your Nutraceuticals in different markets is crucial for successful product development, registration, and commercialization. Global Regulatory Partners, Inc., (GRP) team has expertise in developing the appropriate and effective regulatory strategy for different types of Nutraceuticals for different markets. GRP’s customized  strategies will help you meet your business objectives and goals quickly and efficiently.

GRP's Nutraceutical Regulatory Strategy Services:

GRP's Global Presence and Local Teams

With a global presence and a local team of experts, GRP regulatory strategy will help forecast your Nutraceutical launch and commercialization with confidence.

Verification of Nutrient Content Claims

Nutritional Claims

Nutritional claims are those that state, suggest or imply that a food has some particular- beneficial nutritional properties. This information helps consumers to take an informed decision about whether to purchase and consume the product or not.

Labels & Packaging

Nutritional labels and packaging should include information on energy, calories, fats, sugars, proteins and salts. It is important that all this information is accurate and correct, as all nutritional details must comply with the Regulations.

supplement Regulations

In addition, the regulations have certain rules governing the provision of voluntary nutrition information, particularly for the front of pack labeling, the nutritional labeling of non-pre-packaged foods and the energy labeling of alcoholic drinks. Some nutrients are now prohibited to be declared. A nutrient content claim expressly or by implication characterizes the level of a nutrient in a dietary supplement.

Verification of Health Claims

Health claims are directed to the general population or designated subgroups (e.g., the elderly) and are intended to assist the consumer in maintaining healthful dietary practices.

GRP team has the expertise in reviewing and validating the health claims that you are making for you nutraceutical products or dietary supplements to make sure that they are supported by scientific data, are accurate and can be accepted by different health authorities.