In an effort to support sponsors responding to the public health emergency of  the COVID-19 pandemic, the FDA provided a guidance to assist sponsors in preparing pre-IND meeting requests for COVID-19 related drugs (human drugs and biological products).

Pre-IND Process During Public Health Emergency for COVID-19:

The typical pre-IND meeting request and package development process has been consolidated into a single step by the FDA. Sponsors are to submit the pre-IND meeting request with any specific questions through the new pre-IND meeting request process. The meeting requests will be expedited and prioritized based on completeness of the submission and scientific merit and are generally responded to as a written response only meeting. If a sponsor has already has an active IND for drug in development, or has submitted a pre-IND meeting request or IND to the FDA to investigate the use of the FDA approved drug for a non-COVID-19 indication, it is recommended that a new pre-IND meeting request for a proposed COVID-19 indication is submitted, rather than amending current submissions.

Pre-IND Meeting Request for COVID-19 Drug Development

FDA recommends incorporating the following content that supports the clinical development program:

  • Drug description (name, characteristics, proposed indication, dosage information, mechanism of action),
  • Manufacturing and formulation for clinical study,
  • Summary of pharmacokinetic information
  • Summary of nonclinical pharmacology and toxicology data (FDA-approved label may suffice in some cases) including results of in vitro and in vivo studies
    • A battery of nonclinical studies to support a first-in-human trial, including assessment of standard and applicable safety pharmacology studies should be included for small molecule drugs and biological products
  • Summary of data and literature to support proposed use in COVID-19
  • Clinical information to support proposed trial, including justification for proposed dosing information, summary of drug’s safety data in previous clinical trials, detailed safety monitoring plan, and a time and event table
  • Sufficient product information to ensure acceptable quality, such as identity, purity, strength/potency, and stability of the investigational drug

Submission of Pre-IND Request:

Sponsors will have three options for submitting their pre-IND meeting requests:

  • Option 1 (preferred): Electronic Submission Gateway (ESG)
  • Option 2: for CDER pre-IND meeting requests – NextGen Portal
  • Option 3: for CBER pre-IND meeting requests that cannot be sent through ESG – email CBERDCC_eMailSub@fda.hhs.gov

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