US FDA Publication on Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Healthcare Product

On March 2024, the FDA released its latest publication titled “Collaborative Efforts: Harnessing Artificial Intelligence in Medical Products,” shedding light on the concerted actions undertaken by CBER, CDER, CDRH, and OCP in navigating the landscape of AI integration within the medical product realm. This comprehensive document delineates strategic focal points essential for advancing the application of AI throughout the entire lifecycle of medical products.

The U.S FDA Announces Pilot Program for Medical Device Submission with Health Canada

Overview On January 2023, the FDA announced that it has partnered with Health Canada to launch a joint eSTAR pilot. The pilot will allow medical device manufacturers to submit a premarket notice submission to FDA and Health Canada simultaneously. Introduction The eSTAR is an interactive PDF form that helps guide applicants through the medical device […]