Since January 31, 2020, importers of the certain medical devices do not require an importer’s license from Singapore’s  Health Science Authority (HSA). Instead, importers only need to notify the HSA of their intention to import and provide information on the brand and quantity of the devices to be imported into Singapore. Importers must also maintain proper sales and distribution records. These measures are to minimize the risk of sub-standard products being brought into Singapore

Importation of Hand Sanitizers:

Hand-sanitizers do not need approval from HSA before they are brought into Singapore for sale.

To obtain more information on the established active ingredients and labeling of products such as hygienic hand rubs or sanitizers, please click here.

Importation of Masks, Thermometers and Protective Gear for Medical Professionals:

With a surge in local demand, the HSA is facilitating the import of following medical devices:

  • Surgical masks;
  • Particulate respirators e.g. N95 masks;
  • Thermometers for measuring human body temperature; and
  • Any protective gear for medical professionals e.g. isolation gowns and gloves




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