The system for scheduling consultation meetings with Anvisa is known as the Parlatory.  It is a tool used by qualifying companies in Brazil, such as Brazilian Registration Holders to submit the online request of Anvisa meetings.  


The Courtroom System was designed to simplify the scheduling and management of hearings. Since 2014, the system has brought opportunities for improvement and the incorporation of new functionalities for system users, such as the use of the virtual hearing system (by software that allows video and voice calls to be made via electronic devices).

The importance of Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) meetings in the context of product regulation and registration are often crucial for companies seeking to register products in Brazil.

Why these meetings can be important:

  • Clarification of Requirements: During the meetings, company representatives could clarify doubts and better understand the specific requirements for registering their products in Brazil.
  • Evaluation of Documentation: The meetings allow Anvisa to evaluate the documentation submitted by the company, ensuring that it is complete and meets all the necessary requirements.
  • Technical discussions: Technical discussions can take place on the safety, efficacy, and quality of the products, ensuring that they meet the standards set by Brazilian legislation.
  • Speeding up the process: By taking part in meetings, companies can speed up the registration process, clarifying issues in real time and avoiding unnecessary delays.
  • Direct feedback: The meetings provide a direct channel of communication between the company and Anvisa, allowing immediate feedback and facilitating adjustments as necessary.

How to Request Permission to use the Anvisa system.

  • Have a company in Brazil with a legal representative.
  • Have a Social Card of an Individual in Brazil
  • Requests for access to the Parlatory system must be made directly through Intravisa, at the Infrastructure and Logistics Service Center.


Preparing and Scheduling meetings with Anvisa is feasible and highly recommended in order to enter the Brazilian market smoothly, but the company must be Brazilian Qualified company that possesses the correct licenses.

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GRP Brazil Office provides Regulatory Affairs, Quality, Clinical and Safety services to pharmaceutical, medical device, and life-consumers companies worldwide to register them product with ANVISA the local Health Authority (HA).

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Global Regulatory Partners Inc, (GRP) is an American company that provides regulatory affairs, clinical, quality and safety services to medical devices, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and Food Supplement companies globally.

GRP headquarters is located in Massachusetts USA and its main affiliates are located in China, Japan, Brazil, and Mexico. GRP helps many life science companies register their products in different countries in compliance with local regulations. 

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