Japan Cosmetic Regulations

In Japan cosmetics are regulated under Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Law (PMDL) formerly Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, and supported by a series of subsidiary rules, standards and guidance documents issued by the competent authority, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW). Japan classifies cosmetics into two categories: cosmetics and quasi drugs. The regulations governing each category differ greatly. 

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Document Number Document Title Issued by Description Available Languages Download
Notification No. 331 COSMETICS STANDARDS Ministry of Health and Welfare The Cosmetics Standards classify which ingredients may be used for cosmetics only by the amount approved in this standard as well as a list of prohibited ingredients. English For Sale
Notification No. 1225001 LIST OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS IN SO-CALLED MEDICINAL COSMETICS PMDA The "List of Active Ingredients in so-called medicinal Cosmetics" are regulated products known as quasi-drugs. The guide list the maximum amount allowed for each ingredient in "medicinal-cosmetics". English For Sale
- Nanotechnology Cosmetic Guideline The 4th International Conference on Cosmetic Regulatory Cooperation This guidance was created through ICCR work and intended to serve as an indicator when determining whether a particular substance used in cosmetics is a nanomaterial to be considered. English For Sale