Quality Policy | Global Regulatory Partners Corporation

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We are committed to providing high quality services to our customers to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction at all times. Our customers’ needs are paramount and our people are our greatest asset.

Our quality management is founded in our corporate values. These values serve as our standard for performance measurement, our motivation for excellence in execution, our foundation for guiding our decision-making, and our drive for continuous improvement.

We are aware that consistent satisfaction of our customers is vital to our business development and expansion. So, we persistently work towards securing a long term partnership with each customer and intend to do so through the following:

  • Emphasize human values and personal relations, so we put a great effort on proper communication, transparency and human relation which form an integral part of our corporate culture.
  • Ensure that all employees maintain, develop and update their knowledge.
  • Ensure that all employees adhere to the requirements of our quality management system.
  • Monitor and measure the performance of our employees on a regular basis.
  • Operate the company under the disciplines and control of a quality management system conforming to the international standard ISO 13485:2016 or equivalent.
  • Constantly review and improve our services and processes to ensure tasks are completed in the most cost effective and timely manner for the benefit of all our customers.