Press Release: GRP Mexico Receives Sanitary License from Cofepris for Biological products

about grp's new sanitary license

On October 7, 2022, GRP-Mexico received approval from Cofepris for Sanitary License for Biological Products.

GRP License allows for the Commercialization, Warehousing and Distribution of controlled medications and biologics.

This is GRP’s second sanitary license received from Cofepris, the first received in 2019. This second license is for a larger warehouse in the outskirts of Mexico City.  The larger warehouse was to accommodate more products for clients entering Mexico.

What is a sanitary license?

A Sanitary License is issued after inspection by Cofepris . During the inspection the Company must demonstrate the have the proper SOPs, QMS, personnel, equipment and Warehousing requirements for controlled or temperature-controlled Drugs.

How to enter mexico's pharmaceutical market?

If a foreign biotechnical company does not have a local subsidiary or the proper license (i.e sanitary license) from Cofepris they must appoint a local representative for product registration and post-market surveillance in Mexico. GRP is a local representative in Mexico and has the appropriate license to support your entry into Mexico’s Market.

GRP committed to your success from Concept to Market.

about global regulatory partners

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