Press Release: Global Regulatory Partners Japan becomes an approved Cosmetic MAH

GRP Japan broadened this product registration portfolio on July 20th, 2022, when the PMDA approved them for MAH license of cosmetics in Japan. The Cosmetic MAH was issued after an on-site inspection was held of GRP quality and Safety protocols and personnel.  On the same Day GRP also passed their inspection for pharmaceuticals and renewed their MAH for Category I products. GRP also has possesses MAH for medical device and IVD which was renewed earlier this year in January. 

What is a MAH for Cosmetics in Japan?

Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) is also known as the Manufacturing and Sales license. 

Responsibility of MAH include the following activities:

  • Submission and management of list of Cosmetics
  • Review client products and comply with the regulation
  • Quality Control
  • Release testing (Can be outsourced)
  • Manage Quality Control
  • Safety Management
  • Customer Management
  • Safety information handling
  • Report the safety information to PMDA
  • Management of recall

GRP MAH licenses

about global regulatory partners

Global Regulatory Partners, Inc (GRP) is a global provider of tailored clinical development, regulatory affairs, quality and pharmacovigilance services for pharma, biotech, medical devices and cosmetic industries worldwide. Global Regulatory Partners. Inc, has now over 500 employees, 6 affiliates in 6 countries (USA, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, China and South Korea) and more than 500 satisfied clients worldwide.