Press Release: AMTTC-GRP Strategic Alliance Signing Ceremony

Boao Lecheng Advanced Medical Transfer Center (AMTTC), a global product landing service platform and Global Regulatory Partners Inc (GRP), a leading provider of clinical development, regulatory affairs and compliance services for pharma, biotech and MedTech industries are pleased to announce the signature of a strategic partnership agreement on 23rd May 2022. The partnership will allow both organizations to leverage their respective expertise to enable mainly American and European Pharma, Biotech and MedTech companies to access quickly Chinese market through Hainan special access program

AMTTC provides comprehensive support to foreign Pharma and Medtech companies with innovative products. AMTTC support includes, immediate access to different clinical institutions at Hainan pilot zone, KOL engagement, RWS and RWE management, , patients recruitment,  venture financing, importation and supply chain assistance, consultation and products’ registration at Hainan pilot zone and with NMAP for  Mainland China.

GRP provides integrated clinical, regulatory, safety and market access support to life sciences companies globally. GRP’s China subsidiary has been supporting multiple foreign companies accessing Chinese market with limited risk and record timing.

“I strongly believe that our partnership with AMTTC will be bring a lot of value to our Clients. Through AMTTC special access program, GRP will be able to register products faster in China and reduce the cost and timelines of local clinical studies.. With AMTTC support, GRP will be able to conduct RWS and collect RWE on innovative products in record time at Hainan pilot zone, that will support a faster products’ registration with NMPA .”

About Global Regulatory Partners, Inc.

Global Regulatory Partners, Inc (GRP) is a global provider of tailored clinical development, regulatory affairs, quality and pharmacovigilance services for pharma, biotech, medical devices and cosmetic industries worldwide.

Global Regulatory Partners. Inc, has now over 500 employees, 6 affiliates in 6 countries (USA, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, China and South Korea) and more than 500 satisfied clients worldwide.

In China, GRP-China has offices in three locations, Shanghai, Beijing and Hainan, and has local teams of Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Development ,Quality and Pharmacovigilance professionals, who support the clinical development and products’ registration of many pharmaceutical and medical device companies in Hainan pilot zone and in China Mainland as well.

AMTTC: Boao Lecheng Advanced Medical Transfer Center Hainan

Who is AMTTC? AMTTC has a comprehensive global product landing service platform for the Boao Hope City to undertake the accelerated landing of overseas advanced pharmaceuticals and devices. Check out our Slide Deck to understand better our partner in China.