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COFEPRIS, Mexico’s Regulatory health Authority announces that as of September 1st, 2020 as part of the digitization process and in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Health, appointments made with the health authority will be made  exclusively online and face to face meeting with the CIS will be only for priority procedures. 

Electronic Appointment Criteria:

  1. All users, without exception, must register in the new electronic appointment system;
  2. Only one appointment per day and per registered user is scheduled;
  3. Access to the new electronic dating system will be through the use of the e. Signature or any other authentication mechanism that COFEPRIS determines, which will be made known through its official means of communication;
  4. The user must register in the electronic appointment system the information on the number of procedures and specific services to be performed;
  5. If the user cannot keep their scheduled appointment, they must cancel at least twenty-four hours in advance;
  6. If you have an appointment and need another schedule, or any other modification to the registered data, it must be canceled and a new one requested with the information you require, at the available times;
  7. The payment of rights corresponding to the requests of the users must be made at least forty-eight working hours in advance and be recorded during the generation of their appointment.

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