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Mexico’s healthcare market is the second largest market in Latin America, putting it in with the fastest growing markets in the world. Mexico was the top medical device importer and exporter in Latin America in 2015, ahead of Brazil. The country is manufacturing a demanding product mix, from defibrillators to diagnostic imaging equipment to traditional disposable medical devices

Mexico Medical Device Market Size Mexico Pharmaceutical Market Size
$4.9 billion $18 billion
Projected Growth Rate: 13.4% Projected Growth Rate: 5.6%


Mexico Economic Indicators
GDP (PPP)  : $2.24 trillion
Per Capita GDP (PPP): $18,857
Real GDP Growth Rate: 2.7%
Population : 119,530,073
Ethnic Diversity: Mestizos, Hispanic


Mexico is the second largest medical device market in Latin America behind Brazil, and can prove to be a profitable target for medical device and IVD manufacturers.

COFEPRIS has established regulatory guidelines for medical devices. It gives information regarding classification, registration, approval and vigilance of the medical devices.
For more information, check the COFEPRIS website at: