Japan's MHLW Publishes New Quality Standards for Quasi-Drugs


On October 2022, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) has published new quality standards and specifications of 2,647 ingredients and additives that can used in Quasi-drugs.


In Japan, cosmetic products are regulated by the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act, which stipulates compliance requirements and defines two categories of products: cosmetics and quasi-drugs. Quasi-drugs are in between pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, having officially recognized active ingredients.

The new requirement stipulates that companies should comply with the registration requirements and obtain MHLW approval before using the listed ingredients in their products. Companies have until 30 September next year to comply.

Amendment of Standards for Quasi-drug: Ingredients Japanese Standards of Quasi-drug Ingredients (JSQI 2021) includes:

  • Combines the original two attached active ingredient lists into one list, and sorts them according to the kana syllabary;
  • Modifies the specifications of 1453 ingredients;
  • Deletion of the listing of “ethanol” ingredient, and replacement by ‘dehydrated ethanol’ and ‘denatured alcohol’.
  • Addition of two general test methods which brings the total number of test methods to 84
  • Revision of 17 test methods

Note: After deleting Ethanol (96), “Ethanol” specified in JSQI 2021 only refers to “dehydrated ethanol” and “denatured alcohol”.

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