In Japan, the Drug Master File (DMF) is called “Master File” or “MF”. The Purpose of DMF is to protect the “know-how” of API manufacturing methods against the marketing authorization applicant (MAA) / holder (MAH) of pharmaceutical products.  The foreign manufacturers of APIs can apply for DMF registration.

FDA publishes ICH Q12 guideline for Post Approval CMC changes

Overview FDA facilitates the management of post approval CMC to harmonize regulatory approval of drugs with ICH Q12 guideline. This guidance applies to pharmaceutical drug substances and products (both chemical and biological) that require a marketing authorization and to drug-device combination products that meet the definition of a pharmaceutical or biological product.  Regulatory tools and […]

Drug Master File (DMF) in China

The new system set up by the NMPA allows manufacturers to file the DMF directly, thereby reducing the approval time and respective cost involved.