Case Study: Registration of Dietary Supplement and Nutraceuticals in Mexico

Company Situation

The Client is a USA based nutrition supplement manufacturer that manufactures and sells innovative range of health supplements in USA and other countries. Client was using eCommerce solution such as Amazon to commercialize its products. The client wanted to market its products in Mexico through Amazon, however, they had limited experience and knowledge with local regulations for such products in Mexico. The client was seeking a partner to help them comply with local regulations and enable them to sell their products in Mexico through Amazon.  

GRP Solution

GRP Mexico has significant experience helping nutraceuticals and dietary supplements manufacturers register and distribute their products in Mexico. Depending on the product composition, Cofepris classifies such products as dietary supplements or drugs. The situation can be complicated since once classified as drugs, the registration process changes that may take significant time and money to market the products. GRP Mexico helped assess Client’s range of products, validated the registration strategy and help obtain the required approvals within defined timelines to ensure the Client’s business objectives are met.

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