Case Study 85: Notification of Cosmetics in Mexico

Company Situation

The client is a large European Cosmetic company that develops and manufactures cosmetics in Europe and commercializes them in Europe and USA. The company wanted to extend its business to Latin America, starting by Mexico and was looking for a local partner that can act as their local representative in Mexico, register their products with Cofepris and help them importing the products to facilitate its market access.

GRP Solution

With licensed affiliate in Mexico City, Global Regulatory Partners Mexico (GRP Mexico) was selected by the client as its local representative in Mexico. GRP Mexico has a qualified regulatory team who was able to perform the 4 steps listed below for 200 SKUs of cosmetic products within 15 days. After completing Step 2 related to labelling check, the team had to translate into Spanish before preparing for step 3 related to the notification of Cofepris.

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