Anvisa changes the Importation of Controlled Drugs
The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA) issued the regulation RDC No. 752/2022 .


The measure aims to qualify the import process and reduce the response time to the citizen. As of January 2023, exceptional requests for importation by individuals of controlled drugs will no longer be received by email and will be received only by external petitioning in the Electronic Information System (SEI), an electronic platform for managing administrative processes and documents used by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) since July 31, 2017.


The measure aims to qualify the import process and reduce the response time to the citizen. The delay in access to controlled drugs can cause irreversible consequences in the treatment of chronic diseases.

This is one more of the measures adopted by the government to improve the delivery service and access to high-cost drugs, intended for the treatment of rare and chronic diseases.

Despite the attempt to improve the request for importation, those who need treatment may still face a long journey until they receive the medication.

Patients who cannot afford to pay for the medication and seek judicial assistance through a legitimate body, such as the Public Defender’s Office, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, law schools associated with the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB), the Special Courts System, or a private attorney, may face a lengthy and judicious process, especially if the medication is not available nationally.

There is an engagement of the justice system and of the Unified Health System (SUS) to assist these people who need the medication and are going through a delicate moment, but sometimes the process gets complicated. These measures come to modernize and facilitate these requests.

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