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Foreign and Brazilian travelers abroad must present the Negative PCR exam to the airline company responsible for the flight, before boarding.

Rules for those arriving by plane

1) Proof of negative or non-detectable testing for Covid-19

  • Antigen test (performed within 24 hours prior to shipment); or
  • RT-PCR laboratory test (performed within 72 hours prior to departure).

In the case of flights with connections or stopovers where the traveler leaves the restricted area of the airport, where the traveler performs migration, and that exceed 72 hours since the RT-PCR test or 24 hours since the antigen test, the traveler must submit proof of retesting.

2) Traveler’s Health Declaration:

Proof, printed or in electronic media, of completion of the declaration no later than 24 hours prior to departure for Brazil.

3) Proof of Vaccination

  • It must be printed or  electronic;
  • It must contain the traveler’s name, the vaccine manufacturer’s or trade name, the batch number(s) of the dose(s) applied and the date(s) of the dose(s) application(s);
  • Vaccines approved by Anvisa, by the World Health Organization (WHO) or by the authority of the country in which the traveler was immunized are valid;
  • The application of the last dose or single dose must have occurred at least 14 days before the date of departure.

* The documents issued abroad must be presented in Portuguese, Spanish or English.

Cases in which they need to fulfill Quarantine

1 – People with a health condition that contraindicates vaccination, as long as it is attested by a medical report;

2 – People not eligible for vaccination due to their age, according to criteria defined by the Ministry of Health in the National Operationalization Plan for Vaccination against Covid-19 and published in the Ministry of Health’s website;

3 – Due to humanitarian issues, in the form provided in art. 18 of Ordinance 663/2021, which defines the rules for entry into Brazil;

4 – Coming from countries with low vaccination coverage disclosed by the Ministry of Health and published in the Ministry’s website, according to this link;

5 – Brazilians and foreigners residing in Brazilian territory, who are not fully vaccinated.

What is the Quarantine?

Quarantine is mandatory for travelers exempt from proof of vaccination.

The quarantine will be for 14 days, in the city of the traveler’s final destination and at the address registered in the Traveler’s Health Declaration (DSV).

The quarantine may be terminated by a negative RT-PCR result or antigen test performed on a sample collected on or after the fifth day of quarantine, provided the traveler is asymptomatic.

Brazilians and foreigners residing in Brazil, who leave the country until December 14, 2021, are exempt from presenting proof of vaccination and quarantine upon return, but must meet the requirements of testing for Covid-19 and filling out the Traveler’s Health Declaration.

Rules for Sea and Land Entry

  • The international traveler, Brazilian or foreign, when entering the country by road or any other land means, must present at the land control points the proof of vaccination.
  • The entry of passengers coming from abroad by sea is not authorized.
  • Passengers or foreigners must enter the country by air or land in order to board cruise ships on the Brazilian coast.
  • The conditions for the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers and crew members on cruise ships and for the embarkation and disembarkation of crew members on cargo ships are defined in the norms edited by the National Health Surveillance Agency


Ministry of Health – Anvisa Section. For the link, click here.

Check out the full rules for travelers entering Brazil. Only in Portuguese., click here.

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