Anvisa has authorized pharmacies to prepare and sell gel alcohol directly to the public. With this measure, Anvisa intends to expand the access of these products to the population, considering the high number of pharmacies throughout Brazil.  

Resolution 347/2020

The  Resolution of the Collegiate Board 347/2020 , which regulates the theme, was published in the Official Gazette this Wednesday (3/18).  This authorization is temporary and is part of the preventative measures during the  health emergency of international importance due to the new coronavirus. 

Formula’s allowed for Manufacture 

Handling pharmacies already have  expertise  in handling medicines and other products. Anvisa’s decision to allow pharmacies known as, magistral pharmacies, to prepare 70% ethyl alcohol (w / w), 80% glycerin ethyl alcohol, gel alcohol, 75% glycerin isopropyl alcohol, 10 volumes hydrogen peroxide and chlorhexidine digliconate 0, 5%.  

All of these formulas are antiseptic or sanitizing preparations that can be used to fight coronavirus. Until now, only cosmetics industries with authorization from Anvisa could manufacture these products. 



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